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Why PDEA EMPS , Kharadi

Age Limit

The normal age groups for admission to the various classes are as follows: –

  • Nursery  :-   3 Year (Completed)  –  To  –   4 Year
  • LKG          :-   4 Year (Completed)  –  To  –   5 Year
  • UKG         :-   5 Year (Completed)  –  To  –   6 Year
  • Std. I        :-   6 Year (Completed)  –  To  –   7 Year
  • Std. II       :-   7 Year (Completed)  –  To  –   8 Year
  • Std. III      :-  8 Year (Completed)  –  To  –   9 Year
  • Std. IV      :-   9 Year (Completed)  –  To  –   10 Year

Please Note : –The age limits shown above are as on the 30th Sep of the Academic Year. Age limit for particular classes will be strictly adhered to. Students too old/Young for a class will not be admitted.


  1. The main holidays of the year are as follows (2022):-
    • Diwali Break:- 24/10/2022 to 1/11/2022
    • Winter Vacation(X’Mas):- 21st December
    • Summer Vacation:- 9th May to 4th July
  2. Along with the above holidays, the school is closed on other Public Holidays as recommended by the Government from time to time.
  3. Parents are informed in advance about the dates of the opening and closing of the school. They are requested to abide by the rules in the interest of the students and the academic year of the school.
  4. On no account can “special cases” be considered for permission to break this rule. No student may leave school before the beginning of a holiday, and absolute punctuality is necessary on the re-opening day of school. There will be no prefixing or suffixing of holidays.